Sunday, 5 April 2015

Baby Love

We are spending the Easter weekend with Mark's family and were thrilled to be able to see the newest additions to the clan again on Saturday. Greg and Kelly came for lunch on Saturday, bringing their adorable twins Taylor and Freddie with them. Lily loves babies and is a proper little mother, so she was thrilled to get cuddles with both babies. She held Taylor for over an hour and only then gave her up because we promised she could hold her again after her lunch!

I was also in my element, having two gorgeous babies to cuddle. I love babies! I'm rather sad about the fact that I won't have any more of my own, so it's nice to have a tiny niece and nephew to fawn over! 

Handsome Freddie

Sleepy baby girl!

Beautiful Taylor

Freddie has such an expressive face. He's adorable!

It all gets a bit much for Freddie!

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