Friday, 24 April 2015

My Outdoor Boy

Alex relaxing in the garden

Alex has reached a very busy stage in his development. He is very mobile now and when he is in the house he wants someone to help him walk around pretty much all the time. He can cruise the furniture, but he would much rather you took both his hands and walked him around the house. Poor Mark is the baby walker of choice. If Mark is home, Alex has no interest in me and just wants his Daddy to walk him around! No peace for Daddy these days!

For a while his main interest was getting to the stairs, but he has since discovered the doors to the outside. It is now his mission in life to get outside! He will break his heart if you walk him to the front door, but won't let him out of it! Once he is outside he becomes a completely different baby. He calms right down and becomes very chilled out! He is the same when we are out and about. In short he is my outdoor baby, far happier outside than in. Consequently, when the weather is nice we are spending a lot of time together in the garden these days. The housework is rather going to pot, but I am getting to spend some wonderful times with my littlest Podling. The housework will always need doing, but Alex won't always be this little. I can't really get anything done when he is awake at the moment, so we might as well go outside and enjoy our time together. Love him!

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