Friday, 10 April 2015

Elvaston Castle Country Park

My boys!

On the last day of our Easter weekend, Mark's Mum and Dad took Lily and Emma to see 'Cinderella' at the cinema. Tom was quite adamant that he didn't want to go, so Mark and I decided to take the boys for a walk in Elvaston Castle Country Park in Derbyshire instead. Elvaston Castle, a beautiful Gothic revival building, has now sadly fallen into such a state of neglect that it is closed to the public. The beautiful grounds are worth a visit though and include some beautiful rockwork structures and an impressive Grade II listed topiary garden. 

The gardens were commissioned by the fourth Earl of Harrington, who wanted them to be a private and romantic retreat for himself and his wife. Following the death of their only son at four years old, the couple secluded themselves in the castle and forbade anyone from entering the grounds. Following the fourth Earl's death in 1851, the Earl's brother, the fifth Earl of Harrington, opened the gardens to the public. The estate was sold to Derbyshire Council by the eleventh Earl of Harrington in 1969 and has operated as a country park since 1970.

Tom was happy to be outside bouncing his ball and Alex is always happy to be outdoors. We had a delightful walk around the grounds. A very peaceful and relaxing afternoon with my boys. There is so much more to see that we didn't have time for and we will definitely come back again with the girls at some point.

Tom spends much of his day bouncing a ball either up and down the hallway or outside in the garden. He loves nothing more than to be able to take his ball when we go out.

This little man is so chilled out when he is outdoors.

One of the interesting rockwork structures.

Wonderful tree carvings

Part of the Grade II listed topiary garden.

Elvaston Castle, now sadly unsafe for the public.

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