Thursday, 7 August 2014

Mermaid Fun

Sparkly mermaid themed play dough

The girls and I had some mermaid themed fun today. Emma watched 'The little Mermaid' yesterday and the girls both watch 'Barbie and The Pearl Princess' this morning, which inspired Emma to spend the morning dressed in her mermaid costume. The weather wasn't too amazing this morning, so I made a batch of 'mermaid' play dough to keep the girls amused. I made it to match one of the colours on Emma's mermaid costume and added lots of green glitter. The photo doesn't show how lovely and sparkly the play dough is. I put it out with a jar of shells and some of Emma's mermaid figures. It kept both Lily and Emma happy for much of the day.

In addition to the mermaid play dough, we also made mermaid fairy cakes. I coloured the icing the same colour as the play dough and put out some edible pearls and coloured sugar in mermaidy colours. Lily and Emma had lots of fun decorating the cakes and were proud to offer them to two of their neighbourhood friends who were round playing with Tom in the afternoon.

Mermaid themed cake decorations

Emma usually consumes as many decorations as she uses!

The girls' finished cakes

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