Sunday, 3 August 2014

Emma's Sunflower

For Mother's Day this year, Emma brought home a sunflower seed for me from school. It was planted in some soil in a little pot she had decorated herself and had a sweet little poem with it. We kept it on the kitchen windowsill to begin with, but it soon needed to be planted in a larger pot and we moved it to a windowsill in the conservatory. We kept watering it and watching it grow and soon it needed to be replanted again and we put it on the floor of the conservatory.

I'm not sure exactly how tall the plant is at the moment, but it is now taller than Mark who is 6 ft. It has finally come into flower this week, so I took a picture of little Emma next to her sunflower. She has waited patiently for months to see this flower and has been so excited at the rapid growth of the plant.

We have never grown sunflowers before, but it was tremendous fun. They grow so fast that even the littlest children can be entertained by watching their progress and it is immensely satisfying for them to grow something so big from a little seed. We will certainly try growing more next year and see if we can grow another sunflower that is bigger than Daddy.

Emma is very proud of her sunflower


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