Thursday, 28 August 2014

An hour at the museum

Alexander's first trip to the museum

Bank holiday Monday was a slow day for us, with all the Podlings sleepy from our late night. The weather was predictably miserable (isn't it always on Bank holidays!), so we decided to take the Podlings to the museum for an hour. The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery is only 20 minutes away from us and the Podlings love it there. They all particularly enjoy the natural history section (which we can never drag them away from!) and the Spitfire. The real human skeleton is always something of a draw also!  Lily put some of her own pocket money in the Spitfire restoration fund as it seems to be a cause close to her heart. Reginald Mitchell, the man who designed the Spitfire, was a local boy, having been born in Butt Lane, which is about five minutes away from where we live. He is much celebrated in these parts.

The Podlings thoroughly enjoyed our short visit to the museum and it was a very pleasant way to pass a rainy Bank Holiday afternoon.

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