Monday, 11 August 2014

A Very British Beach Trip

After our previous somewhat disastrous trip to the beach, we wanted to give it another shot this weekend. We knew that the weather on Sunday was going to be pretty dreadful, so we figured that Saturday was going to be our best chance at a semi-decent day at the beach. As usual we set off later in the day, partly to avoid the worst of the sun and partly to avoid the people (beaches are always quieter late afternoon/ early evening). As it turned out, avoiding the worst of the sun needn't have been a concern. When we arrived at Prestatyn beach it was somewhat overcast and very windy. Nonplussed, we donned jumpers and cardigans and headed down to the sand for fun and frolics. If we waited for the perfect beach weather in this country, we'd never get to the beach!

We enjoyed a lovely picnic packed by Mark's Mum and Dad, who joined us for our little beach jaunt. The older Podlings had fun playing in the sand and Alexander chilled out in his improvised beach shelter. The sea was surprisingly warm, but there was no ignoring the stiff breeze and the girls, having managed to fully submerge themselves whilst wearing their beach robes, found themselves cold and shivering after walking back up the beach. Poor little Emma took some warming up.

Despite the less than ideal weather, we all enjoyed our trip to the beach. Who needs sunshine anyway!

Emma enjoying her obscenely over-priced ice cream from the highwayman masquerading as an ice cream vendor.

Still filled with enthusiasm from watching the Commonwealth Games, Lily has taken to adopting Usain Bolt's characteristic pose whenever I try to photograph her!

It was pretty chill, but Emma insisted on putting on her swimming costume!

Tom signed his name in the sand


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