Thursday, 21 March 2013

Thursday with Emma

 Would you look at that sweet face! I made the apron Emma is wearing for Lily's second birthday and I'm pleased it is still getting lots of use even though Lily has long since outgrown it. Emma loves her apron and insists we put it on the second we embark on any baking endeavours.

Just a few photos from our Thursday together. Emma loves baking, so we spent most of the morning in the kitchen. Love Thursdays!

Rolling out the dough for spice biscuits. We chose some animal shapes from my vast biscuit cutter collection and Emma had lots of fun cutting out biscuits. It's not unlike play dough after all! 

Emma glazing the cottage loaf I made for lunch. She had a lot of fun punching the dough back.

Playing with the toy farm. We keep the farm and zoo animals in the same tub, which makes for an interesting farm set up! The lion really does lie down with the lamb on our toy farm!

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