Sunday, 24 March 2013

Spring Sledging

Since we were subjected to an unseasonally heavy snowfall, we thought we might as well make the most of it and spent the weekend tobogganning.  Mark found us a fabulous park in Leek (near the Peak District) with not one, but two awesome sledging hills and we had a great time right up until the Podlings realised how cold they were. Cold wasn't really a problem for Emma in her snowsuit and flock-lined wellies, but the other two felt the cold more in their normal winter coats and basic wellies and the poor things suffered the agonies of warming up in the car. Thankfully children only seem to remember the good parts and were happy to tell me how much fun they had had when I was tucking them into bed.

These pictures were taken over two days and are generally mixed up, but they show some of the fun we had.

Daddy takes a turn, much to Lily's amusement!

Tom's response to sledging: "That was awesome!!!"

Lily had absolutely no fear and went right to the top of the fastest slope. The speed she flew down that hill was astonishing!

Emma was a regular little daredevil. There was no stopping her!

I had a go at sledging too, which I found tremendous fun. I'm not prepared to put the photo up though, so don't ask! 

"My feet are cold!" - Time to go home!

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