Friday, 11 November 2011

We will remember them

Tom's class have been learning about the second world war this term, so for their class assembly they held a short Remembrance Day service. They did a wonderful job and given that they are all six or seven year olds, I felt they handled it with great maturity. It was quite a moving little service and they ought to be very proud of themselves. They obviously worked very hard. I had a really good view of the stage for a change, so I actually managed to get a couple of pictures of Tom on the stage. He did really well. Love my little man!

After the assembly we were invited back to the classroom where Tom gave me a little card he had made and excitedly showed his baby sister off to his friends and showed me round the classroom. I would have loved to have stayed a little longer, but Emma was making herself a little too much at home, so we said our goodbyes and Tom walked us to the door, staying to wave at us through the glass before heading back to his class. He was so thrilled to have had Emma in his classroom! 


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