Monday, 21 November 2011

Walks with Emma

Just a few pictures I took on one of my walks with Emma last week. It was a perfectly beautiful autumn day and we enjoyed a lovely wander around the fields behind the house. I can't help but think of poor Tom and Lily on lovely days like this and wish they were with us enjoying the fresh air and beautiful countryside instead of being cooped up in a classroom.

Long shadows - the year must be getting old.

Emma trys to bring home a 'stick' that is several times bigger than she is!

 How wonderful to see the world with a child's eyes! Even the grasses are fascinating and worthy of a closer look. It is delightful to see the wonder that children have over simple things.

 'Yes, Mummy, I can see the gate is open, but I would still rather go over the stile.'

'This stick is smaller than the last one...maybe I could carry this one home?'

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