Friday, 11 November 2011

Remembrance Day Poppy Craft

Yesterday morning I did a little poppy craft with Emma in honour of Remembrance Day. She is too young to get the significance of the day, but she is observant enough to notice that there are a lot of poppies around at the moment. Plus, I knew we would be attending Tom's school Remembrance Day assembly today, so I thought that if Emma knew what a poppy looked like I could keep her good by drawing her attention to all the poppies that were sure to be there!

It was a very simple craft that simply involved Emma painting a paper plate and a cardboard leaf (which I just drew freehand and hoped for the best!) and a circle in the right colours. I then glued it all together for her and voila! Tom and Lily like the idea so much they want to make their own now, so there's something for us to do this weekend. I'm fairly certain Emma won't mind making another one!

 Emma loves painting. Her much-too-big painting apron doesn't seem to hinder her and since it is so large it does actually manage to keep everything but her face and hands clean!


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