Thursday, 10 November 2011

Guy Fawkes Night

 Lily was so excited about bonfire night. She drew this picture (of us at the fireworks display last year) while she was having her breakfast!

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I know of no reason why gunpowder treason,
Should ever be forgot.

Bonfire night is one of my favourite family nights of the year. It can be a long day for the Podlings as they wait for the evening's entertainment to role round, but since their Nanna and Grandad came around mid-afternoon on Saturday they had plenty to keep them occupied. We had a lovely warming tea before heading out to the local bonfire and fireworks display. I'm something of a stickler for family traditions, so I serve the same food every year  (the same food I enjoyed as a child on bonfire night). We have hot dogs (with proper sausages rather than frankfurters naturally), chicken and tomato soups with ginger and syrup cakes to follow. I always put a lit candle on the table to remind us of all the flames we will be seeing later!

After wrapping up warmly we drove the ten minutes down the road to a nearby park. Tom was upset by the noise of the fireworks, so elected to remain in the car with Grandad while the rest of us went to see the display. Lily loves the fireworks, but is still a little frightened by their noise so I think she wasn't entirely upset when the display came to an end. Emma didn't so much as bat an eyelid at the noise and really enjoyed the fireworks, exclaiming loudly with each new burst.

Afterwards, we headed home to enjoy toffee apples and sparklers. Emma was hilarious with her toffee apple. She adores lollipops (she calls them e-pops) and clearly thought her toffee apple was the biggest lollipop she had ever seen. "E-pop mmmmm!!" apparently! Even when she was too tired to lick it any more she clasped it tightly in her fist and wouldn't give it up! Emma is too young to be trusted around sparklers and was very tired, so I put her to bed while Tom and Lily enjoyed them in the garden with everyone else. Tom and Lily finally went to bed after ten o'clock, tired but happy little Podlings. As always, it was a lovely evening of family fun.

 Despite the fog and the smoke from the bonfire, I did manage to snap a quick picture after the fireworks display. Tom and Grandad were in the car at this point, though they did join us in the park shortly afterwards.

 Pardon my hat-hair! I included this photo to show my mum that I still wear the Aran jumper she knitted for me about twenty years ago. I call it my bonfire night jumper because it is such a thick, warm jumper that bonfire night is about the only time it is cold enough to wear it! I love this jumper!
        On a side note, my mum also knitted the cardigan that Emma is wearing. She made it for Tom when he was a toddler and I liked it so much she has made him a larger version every time he grows of one. We now have it in three sizes, so all three Podlings can wear my favourite cardgian at the same time now!

 We actually wore Emma out! This is such a rare occurrence I had to take a photo. Doesn't she look her to bits!

 A very tired Emma with her Grandad. The toy on her lap was a gift from her Nanna and Grandad from their last trip to Scotland. Would you believe it is called a Podling! It actually has 'Podling' embroidered across the front. Emma loves her Podling and takes it to bed with her every night and carries it with her in the pram. Apparently there are a range of Podlings, so now we want to get one for Tom and Lily too. Podlings for the Podlings...fantastic!

Obviously Tom was there enjoying the evening with us, but somehow this turned out to be the best photo I have of him. I include it to prove he was there!

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