Friday, 7 October 2011

I must go down to the sea again...

The weather was so warm last weekend that the Podlings were still enjoying the sea at sunset. Who would have thought one could enjoy being in the Irish Sea at sunset in October! It was truly wonderful
watching the sun set over the sea as my children played in the water and the waves lapped over my feet. By this time we were almost on our own on the beach and it was so peaceful with only the sound of the Podlings' laughter and the waves lapping to break the stillness. Even the gulls were quiet by this time. We stayed on the beach until it was really too dark to stay any longer, but even so the Podlings didn't want to leave. What a wonderful, if unusual, way to spend an Autumn day!

 I love this photo!

Emma was mesmerised by the waves. She just stood there staring at them, occasionally saying "Water! Water fun!". I'm slightly sad that she now uses the proper word for water. For a long time she called water 'wee wet', or 'wee wee wet' for a large body of water like a lake or the sea.

 I decided that Emma was getting a bit cold so I got her out and wrapped her in a towel. As soon as she had warmed up she was down and back in the sea again!

 Making sandcastles in the dark!


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