Sunday, 2 October 2011

An Autumn walk with Emma

The weather this week has been nothing short of glorious and so Emma and I have been trying to make the most of it when Tom and Lily are at school by being outdoors as much as possible. This is naturally detrimental to the order of the house, but the housework will keep in a way that this lovely weather simply won't. The colder, wetter weather that we are used to will return in force soon enough! Here are a few pictures from one of our walks earlier this week. These were all taken within a 5 minute walk of our house (though it takes longer at Emma pace!).

 The last rose(s) of summer!

 I like teasel. It such a funny, alien-looking plant.

 The cows appeared to be enjoying the lovely weather as much as us!

 Thistles with their Autumn coats on.

This little ladybird was quite safe from predators, nestled as it was in this prickly teasel head.

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