Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Best friends!

My parents were able to come up for the week of Tom's birthday, which I'm sure they would have enjoyed a lot more if we hadn't shared our stomach virus with them while they were here! I love having my parents to visit and no matter how long they stay it never seems long enough.

The Podlings are always thrilled to see their grandparents, especially since they always bring their two dogs with them. Molly is a seven year old Yorkshire Terrier who has the good sense to stay away from children except during mealtimes. Flash, on the other hand, adores the Podlings and has a special fondness for Lily. Flash is a two year old Shelty and is a fine specimen of doghood, He basically looks like a miniature Lassie and is admired wherever he goes. Wherever he goes is usually not very far from wherever Lily goes when he is visiting us. He will even go and wake her up if we don't keep an eye on him.  He loves her and the feeling is definitely mutual!

 Poor Lily is a little squashed here. It's hard being loved!

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