Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Baking stars

Spencer was waiting in the kitchen with all the ingredients for our star cakes when Tom and Lily came home.

When Tom and Lily came home from school this evening, we set about making star-shaped fairy cakes in honour of our little Star of the Week. Spencer the bear was waiting with all the ingredients and he even got to take a turn at stirring the mix. Lily chose pink icing for her cakes (no surprises there!) and Tom decorated his in yellow. Thankfully, Spencer Bear survived the experience without getting dirty and we all got to tuck into delicious star cakes at suppertime.
I'm really pleased with the Miniamo silicone moulds we used to make these. I have both the star and heart shaped sets and they both turn out excellent little cakes. I've used other makes of silicone mould in the past and had trouble turning out the end product, but these just pop out of the case no problem. If you are looking for shaped silicone cupcake moulds, I'd recommend them.

 Spencer has a look at the recipe
 Lily and Spencer stir the mixture
 Tom decorates his cakes

Emma cleans up!
I turned around to find that she had climbed onto Tom's empty chair and was eating the spilled icing off the side. That baby doesn't miss a trick!
Star cakes for the star of the week, decorated by Tom and Lily

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