Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Emma's snow day

Please, please let me out!

Freedom! Mummy said I should wear mittens because snow is cold, but I know better.

Oh my, It is rather cold isn't it!

Wow, white stuff is falling from the sky! I wonder if I can eat it.

I wonder if you can skate on snow.
Emma's snow day would have lasted longer has she consented to wearing mittens. After about 10 minutes she started crying because her hands were cold. Not as loud as she cried when I make her come inside! Emma hates being indoors when she could be out!


Fi said...

How cute is she! Sophie also knows better when it comes to whether to wear mittens or not! We're off to Cologne tomorrow and it looks like it is even colder there. Think I may have to glue them to her hands!

Paula said...

Have fun. I'm so jealous...I love the Christmas markets!

Let me know if you discover a solution to the mitten problem!

Fi said...

We had fun, I'll post some photos soon. It was bitterly cold though. Friends of ours bought Sophie and snow-suit thing and that worked well as it had babygro scratch mit type things so we could cover her hands up!