Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Guy Fawkes' night

You've got to feel a bit sorry for old Guy Fawkes. 400 years after his execution we are still burning the poor chap in effigy on bonfires across the country every year. Makes for a good family night out though!  

It is getting harder every year to find a fireworks display that is actually held on bonfire night, so this year we settled on going to one the day after. On Saturday night, we all bundled up in warm clothes (four of us in arans knitted by my mother) and went to a nearby park for the annual fireworks display.

Lily has been afraid of fireworks for the past few years, but seemed to want to attempt going this year. She was nervous about the bangs to begin with, but quickly began to enjoy the display once it got going. I think it helped that Mark's mum and dad came along, so there were lots of people with her. Tom was actually a little nervous about the fireworks this year, though he never has been before and Emma absolutely loved them! I was a little unsure about taking her since she is so young and Lily really hated them when we took her at 17 months old. My mind was made up as we were getting the Podlings into the car and a neighbour let off some fireworks. Emma pointed to them in great delight and was completely unfazed by the noise. She then proceeded to cry when I put her in the car because I had the audacity to take her away from the pretty lights!
Emma enjoying the fireworks.
She looks decidedly underawed in this picture, but I assure you she was having a lovely time!
After the fireworks display we came back home for soup, hot dogs and ginger cake. A chocolate covered apple for Lily and a toffee one for Tom rounded up their tea and then we had some fun with sparklers in the garden. It is the first time we have got sparklers for the children and Lily enjoyed them straight away. Tom was a little nervous to start with, but was soon writing large letters in the air and enjoying himself immensely. It was a lovely evening and a very late night for the children. The Podlings all slept in until 10.30am (or later) the following morning...bliss!


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