Saturday, 20 November 2010

Lily's Star of the Week party

It has now become the custom that when one of the Podlings is Star of the Week, we celebrate with a little tea party. Lily's party was held on Thursday, the day before Spencer had to go back to school. As usual, we covered the table with our star blanket and ate lots of star shaped food, including the fairy cakes we baked on Wednesday.
Lily absolutely loved being the centre of attention this week and loved the party. I think being Star of the Week more than lived up to her expectations. Sadly, come bedtime she was really quite upset that it was Spencer's last night with us and we had a lot tears because she didn't want him to go back to school. Poor Lily!
 Funny faces all round at the Star of the Week party! For some reason, Lily decided that her swimming costume was appropriate attire for the occasion.

A somewhat blurry photo of me with my little Star. It's a shame it's out of focus as I rather like this picture of the two of us.

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Fi said...

Lily enjoyed being centre of attention, surely not :-)

Love the swimming costume. She has an interesting sense of style (I'm thinking about her winter shorts wearing too!)

Sorry to hear she was upset that he had to go back to school. I'm sure he'll be back again.