Thursday, 18 February 2010

Open mouth, change feet

Emma has recently discovered the joys of eating her own feet. She isn't very interested in them when they are covered, but the second they are bare she grabs a foot and starts trying to eat her big toe. Tom and Lily never showed that much interest in their feet as babies, so I'm finding this all quite new and hilarious. Although she is doing it a lot, it was incredibly difficult to get a photo of her with her foot in her mouth. As soon as she saw me try to take a picture, she would instantly drop her foot and try to grab the camera. I finally managed to snap the above photo as I dressed her for bed this evening. I should probably point out that I hadn't yet washed her face and, yes, that is cottage pie up her nose!

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Anonymous said...

What a funny girl! My daughter used to do that, too. Love your blog!