Sunday, 28 February 2010

The adventures of Tom and Ted...

Tom and teddy at the library
Tom is really enjoying looking after the Star of the Week bear. Thus far teddy has accompanied us to the library and to Tesco and he rode under the pram during our trip in to town today. He also sits on the sideboard during mealtimes and goes to bed with Tom each night. We had a special 'Star of the Week' tea for Tom this afternoon, which the Podlings enjoyed. We gave them new boxes of watercolour paints to make it even more special. Tom is clearly enjoying all the fuss we are making of him this week and Lily is enjoying being the Star of the Week's sister. I hope Tom won't be too upset when bear goes back to school on Friday!
Tom and Teddy at the special Star of the Week tea we had for him this afternoon (Yes, those are bought cakes...I've had a busy weekend!)

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