Friday, 26 February 2010

My little star

We are very proud of Tom for being his class 'Star of the Week' this week. Every week one of the children in his reception class is chosen to be the Star of the week and gets to take home the special teddy and keep him for the whole week. This week Tom got to bring home the bear and his little face was alight with surprise and delight when I picked him up from school. The Star also gets to give the bear a name for the week and Tom has very sweetly chosen to name the bear Lily (the original bearer of the name is burning with envy!). We also have to take pictures of teddy's week and write about it in the special Star of the Week book, which is already full of teddy's adventure's and photos with Tom's classmates. What a wonderful way for Tom's teacher to make the children in her care feel special. It certainly made Tom's day.
When we got home, I made Tom a batch of his favourite biscuits and cut them into star and teddy shapes in honour of the occasion. I have told him that we will have a special 'Star of the Week' tea for him on Sunday afternoon, so he is excited about that. Teddy went to bed with Tom this evening and as I kissed him goodnight he picked up the bear, gave it a big cuddle and told me that teddy was his best friend. I think he will be sad to part with it next Friday!
Teddy 'Lily' with the Star of the Week biscuits I made for Tom


Quidam_Ela said...

That is a really sweet idea!
Tom is really starting to look quite grown-up now! I really need to make more of an effort and see you guys more!

Fi said...

Well done Tom! He looks so grown up in this photo.