Sunday, 21 February 2010

7 months old

Emma is seven months old today and I feel that she has changed a lot in the last month. As you can see from her chubby little cheeks, she is enjoying her food! She is now on three proper meals a day and has a definite preference for breakfast. She has yet to meet a cereal she doesn't like! Perhaps unsurprisingly she prefers fruit and yoghurt to her savoury courses, but she always gets excited when she sees me appear with a bowl. It took a week to get her eating normally again after her run in with the stomach bug, but she's doing fine again now. Her 'night' feed is now around 5.30am, so we're getting closer to a full night's sleep!

Emma has taken to randomly sticking her tongue's so funny!
Emma mastered rolling a couple of weeks ago, so changing her nappies has now become something of a challenge. I no sooner put her on her back than she's off, with her bare little bottom sticking up in the air! She gets a little frustrated when she's on her front now as she wants to move but doesn't know how. She'll push herself round in a circle, but can't move forward or back yet. I don't think it will be too long before she works out what she has to do and then it is going to get pretty crazy round here!

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