Thursday, 22 October 2009

You are my sunshine

A large foam sun hung above the party table and smiled down at the birthday boy.

Tom had asked for a sunshine themed birthday party several weeks ago, so I had time to think about it. In the end, I thought it best to keep it simple on the grounds that I have a three month old baby about the place! Given his age, I thought that Tom would prefer a cartoon style sun, so I based the party around this image. I made all the decorations from foam and stuck them on the wall with blue tack, or hung them from the light fitting. Above the table, suspended by cotton thread, white clouds floated around a large, smiling sun. The walls sported large foam '5's and small yellow suns. We had yellow and red balloons and I made small sun-shaped place cards and stuck them to the back of Tom and Lily's chairs.

Tom's birthday cake was the obligatory Victoria sponge, sandwiched with raspberry jam. To decorate it, I coloured some white chocolate blue to represent the sky. I made the sun from brightly coloured fondant icing...the perfect cake for a five year old!

For the birthday tea, I made a sunshine birthday cake and sunshine cupcakes. Party food also included strawberry and pineapple jellies, arranged on a glass cake plate to look like the sun. I used sliced red grapes on the jelly sun to make a smiley face. Tom was quite thrilled with his sunshine party and I think I got it just right for him without exhausting myself in the process. It made my day to see how happy it made Tom to have his party request realised.

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