Friday, 9 October 2009

Fairy cake fun

A mini muffin tin is a useful way to present lots of decorating options without lots of mess.
Lily isn't a big one for playing with toys. She loves art, crafts, physical activities and being read to, but more than anything she likes to be involved in whatever I'm doing. She particularly likes to help me in the kitchen and loves to bake and decorate fairy cakes. We generally have to have pink icing and then I fill a mini muffin tin with various edible decorations and let her get on with it. We made some fairy cakes yesterday morning and decorated them after lunch. When Tom got home from school, he obviously thought he'd missed out on some fun. He pulled a chair up to the side, pulled the decorations off two of Lily's cakes and then redecorated them himself. He's saving his favourite one to give to his Nanny, but as she won't be here until his birthday I'm not sure she'll want to eat it!
The creative process

Lily decorates her fairy cakes rather sparsely as she knows she gets to eat the leftover decorations. The crafty beggar has worked out that the less she puts on the cakes, the more she gets to eat!

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Diane said...

How clever of Lily, for someone so young to work that out so quickly.