Thursday, 22 October 2009

Tom's 5th Birthday

The birthday boy
Tom had a wonderful birthday on Sunday. We all came downstairs when he woke up and he opened his presents in his pyjamas. He was thrilled to be allowed a packet of Haribo sweets for his breakfast...a special treat for the birthday boy. He had a quiet morning enjoying his presents and playing with the marble run that Mark and I gave him. My parents arrived in the afternoon, bringing more gifts with them and Uncle Ryan turned up a little later with even more presents. Sadly, Mark's mum and dad were struck down with illness and were unable to make it on the day.
I spent much of the afternoon in the kitchen whilst other people entertained the Podlings. I made a sunshine birthday cake and sunshine cupcakes to go with Tom's requested birthday party theme. Much food colouring was used! We all sat down to his birthday tea at 5.30pm and enjoyed lots of delicious children's party food.
Tom was rather reluctant to go to bed and end the fun, but he had a lovely day with family and really enjoyed himself. We all had a great time!
Opening his presents

Playing with his Quadrilla marble run. This is a fabulous toy and Mark and I had as much fun as Tom with it!

Enjoying another one of his gifts.

Blowing out the candles on his cake

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