Saturday, 3 October 2009

Party Girl

Lily attended her first non-family birthday party today. Ever since she received the invitation she has been asking me daily if it is Macie and Charlie's party today. The fourth birthday party of the twin girls she knows from playgroup was held at a local ball pool that we often take the Podlings to. We took Tom along too so he could play while Lily was at the party, but when we got there the twin's family very kindly asked Tom to join the party too as a few children hadn't turned up. The Podlings had a great time, but Lily was a little unclear on the concept of gift-giving when attending a friend's party. She asked me this evening if we could play with the gifts we'd given and looked mortified when I explained that as they were Macie and Charlie's birthday presents, Macie and Charlie will have taken them home. I think the poor girl was under the impression that you got to go to the party and keep the presents!

All dressed up in her party frock.
I'm glad I took pictures before we left because she didn't look this neat for long. Still, what outfit isn't improved by a large red jelly stain!

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