Monday, 3 August 2009

Victor/ Victoria

We didn't know Emma's gender before she was born, so whenever the Podling's expressed a preference we told them that the baby could be a boy or a girl and we wouldn't know which until it was born. Tom told us he wanted a brother and Lily was adamant she wanted a girl, but they would both tell anyone who asked that the baby could be a boy or a girl. Shortly after Emma was born, I peeked under the towel the baby was wrapped in and discovered a little girl. Tom immediately responded to this piece of information with "Can I have a boy next time?".

Lily was obviously pleased to get a little girl, but seems a little confused as to where the boy comes into it. Her first response on learning that the baby was a girl was to ask "when is the boy baby coming?". She seems to have been expecting one of each. Having established that there is only one baby, she now seems a little unsure of the permanency of Emma's gender. Since about two days after Emma's birth, Lily has asked almost daily "Is Emma a boy today?". We keep explaining that Emma will always be a little girl, but the question keeps coming nonetheless. I tend to dress my newborns in white towelling babygros, but I think we'll have to start putting Emma in frilly dresses and hair bows to avoid further confusion!

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