Saturday, 29 August 2009

The secret garden

After leaving our favourite library this afternoon, we realised that Emma's next feed was imminent. We only had twenty five minutes left on our parking ticket, so we didn't really have time to head to a cafe. Mark suddenly spotted a beautiful public garden just down the road that we have never previously noticed, despite regular trips to the library. We sat down on a shaded bench and Mark read some of our new library books to Tom and Lily whilst they munched on apples and I fed Emma. The flower beds in the garden were stunning and I can't believe we've never noticed it before. I would have loved to have conducted a Podling photo shoot, but we had to rush back to the car to avoid a parking ticket. I managed to snap a couple of pictures though, including this fabulous one of Lily:

I asked her to stand in front of the flowers and smile and this cheesy grin is what she delivered. She loves to have her picture taken and is quite the little poser!
I'm hoping to be able to go back to the garden again while the flowers are still in bloom and take some more photos. You can never have enough pictures of your children. They grow so quickly and I want to record every precious moment of their childhood.

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