Thursday, 27 August 2009

A bramble ramble

The Podlings and I took advantage of the dry weather today and went blackberry picking. There are several bramble patches in the hedgerows near our house, so we don't have far to go to gather our harvest. It is still early in the season, so there weren't that many ripe berries today. However, we managed to pick enough for Tom to come home with a purple mouth and still have enough berries left for our tea. I made an apple and blackberry crumble when we got home, which we ate hot with custard for pudding. Heavenly!
Given the number of unripe berries on the bushes, we should have a bumper crop of blackberries later in the season. Last year, no one else in the area seemed to be picking them, so we only have the birds for competition. I see homemade blackberry jam in my future!
Tom loves to pick blackberries and knows exactly which ones to pick and which to leave on the bush.

"Emma, we picking blackberries"
Lily explains the purpose of our excursion to her baby sister

Tom and Lily seem to eat as many berries as they put in the basket and generally snack on them all the way home too. It's a wonder I ever have any left to cook with!

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