Sunday, 20 January 2008

A spot of tea

I felt like making a bit of extra effort at tea time today, so out came the table cloth, cake stand and fancy teapot. I made some scones this afternoon and a fresh loaf of bread for sandwiches and we all sat down for a spot of proper English tea. The Bakewell tart was a bought one, not homemade, but I'm only one woman! Tom much prefers this kind of meal to a 'hot dinner', so he tucked in and ate a hearty tea. Lily made a bit of a fuss to start with because she wanted to get her hands on the teapot, but she did declare the scones to be "Yummy cake!". The picture above shows Mark humouring me, as he is wont to do when I get these silly notions. The picture below shows Lily enjoying a cup of tea. She likes her tea like you or I would drink it...quite strong with no sugar. I've tried making a 'baby' cup of tea for her with lots of milk and sugar, but she always puts it away from her with a pronounced "Yuck!". She likes a proper cup of tea, does my girl. Just like her Daddy!

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