Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The cup that cheers

Seeing as Tom is now over three years old, I decided it was high time I introduced him to a Big Boy Cup. At lunchtime today, I gave Tom a cup of water alongside his normal trainer cup and left him to it. I did the same at tea time, at which point Lily cottoned on to the change in proceedings and threatened to throw a wobbly unless she had a Big Girl Cup of her very own. With great trepidation, I placed a half full cup of water in front of her, fully expecting one or both of us to get completely drenched in the next few seconds. She picked up the cup, said "Fank oo Mummy" ('Thank you mummy) and took a drink like she had used nothing but tea cups all her life. She put the cup back neatly on her table without spilling a drop and proceeded, throughout the meal, to take regular, spill-free drinks from it. To say I was astonished is an understatement. She has, I am afraid to say, considerably more skill with the cup than Tom, who spilt the entire contents of his cup at lunchtime, and dribbled a fair amount of it at tea time. Still, they have to learn and I expect a fair bit of mess as we go along. There will be a spotless, tidy house in my future and I know I will miss the sticky fingers and cheeky smiles. Childhood is so fleeting, I can handle a few spilt drinks!

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