Sunday, 8 July 2007

The week in pictures

Tom and his Nanna with the train set

Is it really a week since I last posted? Where does the time go! We have had a lovely, though uneventful week. We have had to find lots of indoor things to do with the Podlings because of the dreadful weather. In addition to teaching Tom to say "nice weather for ducks", on Tuesday we built his Thomas the Tank Engine train set. It said '3 and up' on the box. We thought it referred to the age of the child until we tried to put it together and decided it may refer to the number of adults it takes to assemble it! We finally got it together and Tom and Lily both loved it. Lily kept trying to grab Thomas off the tracks every time he went past her!

We are just coming out the other side of Tom's obsession with the Care Bear film that Uncle Ryan gave the Podlings the other week. For about a week we had it on what felt like a continuous loop. As children's films go it is actually quite tolerable and I love the music (I wonder what that says about me!). Here is a lovely picture of Tom and Lily enjoying the film with their Care Bear teddies.

We finally had some decent weather this weekend, so yesterday afternoon we took the Podlings to the park (I forgot the camera I'm afraid) and then took them out to tea as a treat. In the evening, Mark's mum and dad babysat for us, so Mark and I could go out for meal on our own. A rare treat! They babysat for us again this afternoon and Mark and I went to a local antiques and collectibles centre (not somewhere you can take two active little ones with curious hands!). We spent over an hour there and only managed to cover two of the four floors. I could spend many happy hours (not to mention lots of money!) there. We plan to go back again soon as I'd love to get some things for the new house.

Thanks to the beautiful weather we had this afternoon, the Podlings were able to spend much of the afternoon playing in the garden. Here a few pictures of them having fun outside, something they haven't been able to do very much in the past few weeks.

Lily and Daddy in the garden

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