Sunday, 1 July 2007

New shoes!

Now that Lily has well and truly found her feet, I decided it was time for her to graduate from her soft leather slippers to 'Big Girl Shoes'. She really needed more support than her slippers were giving her, and I didn't like her walking outside in shoes that gave little protection to her soles. Accordingly, off we went to Clarks. My one extravagance in clothing my children is that I will only buy their proper shoes from Clarks. The bones in their feet are so soft that I just won't risk damaging them with badly made shoes. I was very impressed with the lovely girl who served us in Clarks in Derby. She was very thorough in ensuring that there was a proper fit, and actually advised us against the first pair of shoes I chose because she said they didn't fit properly round Lily's ankles. In the end, I settled on a gorgeous pair of soft, pink nubuck shoes with little butterflies embroidered on the tops (the style is 'iced tea' in the 'first shoes' section if you want to have a look on Clark's website). As you can see, Lily is completely enamoured of them. She very quickly adapted to walking in her Big Girl Shoes, the only problem is that she keeps trying to look at them while she's walking!

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