Tuesday, 10 July 2007

A trip to the park

We've had a bit more dry weather up here, so we have been trying to take advantage of it before the rain returns. Yesterday we took the Podlings to a play park in the local country park. I was a bit disappointed when we first got there because I thought the apparatus looked a bit big for Tom, who has never been an adventurous child. However, he seemed happy enough on the swing and playing in the wood chippings on the floor.

Tom has recently started going down the slide in a nearby toddler park, but I thought this one might intimidate him a bit. How wrong I was! Tom declared 'I want to go on 'a slide", so I climbed up to the top of the slide and his grandad lifted him up to me. With Grandad at the side of the slide, me at the top and Nanna at the bottom, Tom was soon happily shooting down the slide with cries of "Weeee!!", followed by "Again!". Next thing we know, Tom is climbing up the steps, crawling through the tunnel and sliding down the slide without a second thought. I didn't need to be there to help him, but I was so afraid of him falling from such a height! Lily came up to join me at the top of the slide and was happy to watch the proceedings until she decided to sit plum in the middle of the tunnel and refused to come out! She finally came out after some coaxing and protested vehemently when she was handed back to her grandad who was standing at ground dull for an adventurous baby girl!

Both of the Podlings had a lovely time, though I am starting to realise that my placid little Tom is fast becoming an active little boy!

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