Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Wanted Poster

This is a picture of Miss Elizabeth P, also known as Lily Lightfingers, on her getaway pony. On the way back from the doctor's this morning I popped into the newsagent for a couple of things. I had just paid for them and was heading out the door when I noticed Lily merrily waving a card with a purple flower on it at anyone who cared to watch. She must have fancied the picture and swiped it when I wasn't looking! Thankfully, I noticed before we left the shop. I just sheepishly handed the card to the lady behind the till with an apologetic 'I'm afraid my baby must have taken this from one of your shelves'. I think she found it quite funny! Lily, suffice to say, was completely unashamed of her crime. At least she didn't have the cheek to complain when I took the card away from her though!

(Her grandad was not an accomplice, he just happens to be in the photo!)

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