Friday, 11 May 2007

Packing with Podlings

It became apparent today just how hard it is going to be to pack up our house whilst looking after two children under three! I have been getting stressed about packing up since we accepted the offer on our house, but have made little progress in actually doing anything about it. I didn't want to be tripping over boxes for a couple of months. However, things finally seem to be moving along, so I thought the time had come to start de-cluttering and packing. Packing the house on my own is quite intimidating. We have a four bedroom house with A LOT of stuff in it! However, I've made some progress in the last couple of days. I already have two bags of clothes and two boxes of books to give to charity and I've hardly starting sorting out.

Today I started packing up the office. The Podlings were safely playing in Lily's room, right opposite the room I was working in...or so I thought. I was halfway through my second box of books when Tom came running in to me holding the carafe I keep by my side of the bed. 'All gone!' he exclaimed, handing it to me. Well, it was full when I left it! I ran into my bedroom and, yes, the little darling had emptied an entire carafe of water all over my bedroom carpet. At least it was just water and, thankfully, he completely missed the pile of books by the side of the bed, but it's going to take a day or two to dry! I've learnt my lesson! Next time I will shut all the doors except those to their bedrooms! It's the only way I'm going to manage packing with my two little helpers in tow!

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