Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Cousins in the snow

We had some snow on Boxing Day and it has been so cold it just hasn't really gone anywhere. It meant that we were able to enjoy a quick walk in the snow with my sister and nephew before they headed back to Bristol with my Mum and Dad, who were also leaving the same day.

Rowan wasn't quite sure what to make of the snow, but Lily managed to get him to touch some by the end of the walk. Lily was absolutely brilliant with Rowan and he really seemed to take to her. Lily is brilliant with little children, which is why it is so funny that she is adamant that she won't be having any of her own! We loved getting to spend time with Elaine and Rowan. Here's hoping we can manage to see more of each other in 2015!

My adorable nephew, Rowan! Love him!

Emma throwing a snowball at me. Bless!


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Lainey said...

It was nice catching up with you all :)