Sunday, 1 September 2013

Okehampton Castle

Okehampton Castle is a medieval motte and bailey castle in Devon.  Built between 1068 and 1086, it was once the biggest castle in Devon. It has been falling into ruin since its last owner was executed by Henry VIII in the late sixteenth century, but it is still an impressive ruin. The Podlings had a lovely time exploring the castle, though I think I lost ten years off my life when we took them up the steep steps to the keep. There were heartstoppingly steep sheer drops with no safety railings and I was terrified one of the Podlings would get too close to the edge. I'm not particularly good with heights myself, so we ushered them down again pretty sharpish. They seemed quite content to play in the grounds below the keep and I was more than happy with that state of affairs. Mark and I have visited many castles over the years, but we have never been  to one with unprotected sheer drops before. This one had us a bit scared!

Lily loved the audio tour

The keep, with aforementioned terrifying drops which you can't appreciate from this photo

Everything you need for a fun family day out!

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