Saturday, 16 February 2013

Valentine's Day

The table that greeted the Podlings when they got up. Note the heart motif on the lace tablecloth!

Just a few pictures from our Valentine's Day. The Podlings were thrilled with their little bag of treats and they all loved the little gifts I made them (Lily took her little doll to school). They were also thrilled to get iced doughnuts for breakfast, a special Valentine's Day treat!

We always have a special tea on Valentine's Day and it is something the Podlings all look forward to. Tom seemed rather surprised to find that his friends don't have party teas for Valentines Day!

We all had a lovely day and when the Podlings were in bed Mark and I enjoyed a quiet meal of our own. 'Twas a good day!

While Tom and Lily were at school, Emma and I enjoyed our day together. I got out the princess ball pool that she got for Christmas and she had a great time playing in it. Naturally she had to wear a succession of dress-up costumes. Dressing-up is her favourite thing to do!

I made each of the Podlings a little Valentine's activity book full of Valentine's themed colouring pages and puzzles that I found on various sites on the Internet.

The table that greeted the Podlings when they got home from school. I printed off the story of St Valentine and displayed it on the table as Lily had been asking in the morning why we celebrate Valentine's Day. I read it to them while they ate their biscuits.

Our Valentine's Day tea with lots of homemade treats.

Homemade heart-shaped fairy cakes...yum!

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