Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sweet Dream Pillows

Lily found one of my homemade lavender sachets in a drawer the other day and was rather taken with it. She asked if she could take it to bed with her and since she had been having trouble sleeping all night I suggested that it was a good idea. I explained that lavender is supposed to help you sleep and that it might well give her sweet dreams. She went happily off to bed with the little sachet and funnily enough slept all night.

When I went to tuck Tom in, he asked if he could have something to help him sleep too, so I said he could borrow one of my other lavender sachets. When he asked if he could have a red one I told him that I didn't have a red one (mine are all very feminine and lacy), but that I would make him one that night if he wanted. He looked very excited and asked if he could have a red one "with some lovely blue on it". When the Podlings were all settled for the night, I came downstairs and made Tom a red and blue lavender pillow with a star applique to the front. I machine-embroidered the message "Sweet Dreams Tom" on the back.

He woke up that night at about two in the morning, but settled quickly back when I gave him his new pillow. He got his torch out to look at it and his smile told me how much he loved it. He is over the moon with his little pillow and has been cuddling it at night since I made it for him. He is such a delight to make things for!

Naturally, little Lily wanted a lavender pillow of her own when she saw Tom's, so the following night I made her a pretty floral pillow with broiderie anglaise trim and ribbon roses. As with Tom's pillow, I personalised Lily's pillow with machine embroidery on the back. Lily is also thrilled with her pillow and has taken it to bed tonight. The children's rooms smell delightful at the moment!

For more details about Tom's pillow and Lily's pillow, please visit my sewing blog, Sew Pretty. There are photos of the backs of the pillows over there too.

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