Friday, 4 March 2011

Paper dolls

Ever since I was blessed with a baby girl, I have been looking forward to the day we could play paper dolls together. That day finally arrived! Lily was home from school sick today, but had recovered enough by Emma's naptime that we could sit together as I introduced her to the exciting world of dressing paper dolls. I printed out several sheets of the delightful Betsy McCall doll from the 1950s. I used this site, which seems to have every Betsy McCall doll ever printed. It should keep us busy for many, many future sick days!

Obviously, Lily is too young to cut these intricate little dolls and dresses out herself, but she was happy to play as I cut and we spent a very happy hour together before it was time to collect Tom from school. We have a powerful new ally in our play unavailable to little girls in the 1950s. Lily was getting frustrated that the dresses kept falling off, so we have been using Blu-Tack to keep them on, though I do feel like it is cheating a little bit!

Lily is now completely hooked! She had them all out again at bedtime and even introduced her Daddy to the wonderful world of paper dolls...a first for him I'm sure! I can't tell you how thrilled I am that I now have an excuse to play paper dolls again myself. Part of me never quite left my girlhood behind!

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