Monday, 21 March 2011

Legoland again

In order to make full use of our annual pass, we visited the Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester again on Saturday. All the Podlings enjoy it here, but particularly Tom. It is pretty much little boy heaven! Once again he spent most of his time in the large Lego pool. The first part of his visit is usually spent with him happily building a little city and the second half usually consists of him anxiously watching the other children in case anyone tries to take it apart. We managed to tempt him away this time to try racing Lego cars, so we ended on a good note. Emma had a great time bombing around the place and sitting in the Lego pool happily throwing bricks into its centre. Lily always spends most of her time in the soft play area, but she did have a go at building some Lego this time. It's always a fun day out for the Podlings here.
Lily actually playing with the Lego.

Tom loved this little house which he found ready built in the Lego pool. He asked me to take a photo of it so we could replicate it at home.
A day at the races.
Mark and the Podlings racing Lego horses. Thankfully Lily won...she doesn't lose gracefully!

'Phew, having fun is exhausting!'

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