Friday, 28 January 2011

Baking with the girls

Lily is very fond of her baby sister and is continually amused at Emma's increasing independence.

Mark has been in Germany on business for a few days, so the Podlings and I decided to welcome him home by baking him his favourite cake. Lily donned an apron over her school uniform (it's Friday, so I don't care if it gets dirty today!) and we got baking. Emma is now old enough to want to join in, so she climbed up next to Lily and tried to stir the mixture with a teaspoon she found on the side. She was easily distracted from any further attempts to help by allowing her to lick the mixture off said spoon! We sandwiched the layers and dredged the cake after tea and then had the long wait until suppertime to eat a slice when Daddy came home. Tom was busy doing other things, but I had fun with my girls in the kitchen. We make a mean Victoria sponge!
My little helpers

One day they'll be baking cakes without my help, but for now we'll have fun doing it together

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