Saturday, 30 October 2010

Shorts weather

I asked Lily to stand in the leaves so I could take her picture and she struck this pose. I have absolutely no idea where she learned to stand like that...she is such a poser! 

The gales we had the night before last left the trees in our garden bare of leaves and our lawn covered in them, so Mark decided to go out and rake them up this afternoon. Lily wanted to help, but was adamant that she wanted to wear shorts. It was a fairly mild autumn day, but it certainly wasn't shorts weather, so Mummy had to get creative. I persuaded Lily to put a pair of tights on underneath her shorts and she surprisingly thought it was a great idea and complied. She is getting quite particular about what she will and won't wear these days and I'm all for saving my battles for the things that matter!
 Lily had a lot of fun playing in the leaves before she helped her daddy rake them up.
When Emma woke from her nap she wanted to join in too. After watching Mark with the rake for a while, she wandered off and found the toy rake before sitting in the pile of leaves and 'helping'.

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