Sunday, 28 March 2010

Star of the Week!

Tom and Teddy outside Tesco on Saturday.
Tom surprised us all by coming out of school with the Star of the Week bear again on Friday. As far as we can see, Tom is the first child in his class to be Star of the Week twice, so we are very proud of him. As much as I worried about sending him to school, he really seems to be thriving there. I attended parent's evening on Thursday and his teacher had nothing put praise for him. He is making excellent progress in his work and is in the top group for numeracy. His vocabulary and speech are apparently excellent for his age and his questioning approach is also serving him well. His teacher said he has a very scientific mind, which is perhaps not surprising for the son of two PhD polymer chemists! Everyone seems to know and like Tom, teachers and children alike, and his own teacher seems to have a bit of a soft spot for him. He is, in short, doing very well at school and Mark and I are so proud of him. Well done Tom!
Teddy with the gingerbread teddies I made for Tom this afternoon. I made a large batch so Tom could take some to school to share with his class.
Daddy and Teddy help Tom with his homework

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