Sunday, 21 March 2010

8 Months Old

Little Emma is 8 months old how time flies! I almost lost track of the day and only remembered it was the 21st when I was giving her her bath this evening. I threw a pretty cardigan on over her pyjamas and took her 8 month photos before making her supper.

Emma has come on a long way in the last month. She can now sit completely on her own, but I never leave her seated on the floor without something behind her. She has a rather bizarre habit of randomly throwing herself backwards for kicks. She loves doing it on the bed, but I suspect she wouldn't find it so entertaining on harder surfaces! Changing her nappy is now something of a challenge as she is working very hard on getting mobile. She can get around with a funny combination of rolling, pushing herself backwards and pulling herself round in circles. She really wants to crawl, but can't manage it yet. She gets very annoyed when trying to move as she clearly wants to go forward, but every time she tries she only manages to push herself backward. I keep having to rescue her from her little tantrums! I fear it won't be long before she figures the whole crawling thing out and my life gets a lot more hectic!
She has had the odd grumpy day lately and I suspect I may see her first two teeth soon. I will miss her lovely gummy grin when those pearly whites peek through! She laughs readily and certainly gives me plenty to smile about. She has such a funny little personality developing and is turning out to be quite opinionated. She is going to be such a little character! She is such a delightful little person and I love her to bits. Now if I could just get her to sleep through the night...

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Diane said...

Aww such a sweetie and my hasn't Emma turn blonde.