Friday, 13 November 2009


The Pip Jar..
Tom loves apples. Given the choice between an apple and sweets, he will almost always choose the apple. His love of the fruit is fuelling his latest obsession...collecting apple pips. Every time he eats an apple, he now gathers the pips from the core and adds them to his 'pip jar'. He even came out of school one day this week with three pips in his hand that he had saved from his lunchtime apple. The pip jar, an old Avent baby bottle, currently resides next to his pillow, so all his pips are transported up to his bedroom immediately following their harvest. I think he plans to fill up the pip jar and then plant them all in the back garden. I'm pretty sure he doesn't realise how long it would take to grow an orchard, but he's having a lot of fun planning it! He's a very patient little boy!

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