Monday, 9 November 2009

Remembering the traitor Fawkes!

Lily bundled up against the cold
On Saturday evening, we bundled Tom and Lily up in their winter gear and Mark took them out to a local bonfire and fireworks display. At least that was the plan! When they got there, Lily was too frightened by the noise and the Podlings both decided they didn't want to be there. Lily has been frightened by fireworks the last couple of years, but she seemed so excited about going this year. Sadly it wasn't to be. Mark drove about a mile away from the display and the three of them watched the fireworks from the front seat of the car. This modification to the plan was apparently a great success and they really enjoyed it.

Tom in his winter gear. It is really hard to get an in-focus picture of Tom as he is chronically incapable of sitting still long enough for the camera to focus in low light! ..

Meanwhile, poor Cinders got to stay home and cook! Emma is obviously much too young to enjoy the fireworks, so I put her to bed at seven as usual and then prepared soup, crackers, hot dogs and chocolate covered apples to greet the rest of the family when they got home. The Podlings weren't as chilled as they might have been had they watched the display outdoors, but we all still enjoyed the warming food. Tom and Lily went to bed around nine o'clock having had a lovely evening, though not quite the one Mark and I had originally planned for them!

I made chocolate covered apples and dipped them in sugar strands to decorate. Tom doesn't like chocolate, but he was thrilled with his apple on a stick!
My cozy autumn centrepiece - a scented candle surrounded by pine cones.

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